Shop shelves

When arranging sales areas, the most important element of the arrangement is the shop shelves. Their placement and arrangement of goods on the shelves is one of the basic conditions for successful trade. The shop shelves we offer are intended for the sale of both food and non-food products. The shop shelves in the assortment offer a wide range of solutions that allow you to optimise the room area and create the most convenient placement and service of goods.

Shop shelves are made of high-strength steel structures in the form of mutually combinable modules. This option ensures that shop shelves can be used both in small shops, for example in rural areas, and in large hypermarkets in urban shopping centres. The modules can be connected both horizontally and vertically, the height between the shelves can be changed as needed with a step of 25mm. All our shop shelves can be supplemented with various types of accessories and parts, thus expanding their functionality and giving the shelves an innovative, modern look.

Such a shop shelving system is easy to install and disassemble. All materials are certified, they have been finished with the highest quality, which ensures protection against corrosion, the effects of moisture, and drastic temperature changes.

The shop shelves offered by our company are completed depending on the customer's needs.

We offer customers several advantageous solutions:


  • the larger the amount of shop shelves purchased, the more discount you will receive from the total price;
  • you can pick up the purchased product in our shop on the spot, we also offer delivery of the products to the address you specified and at the specified time. Delivery costs depend on the quantity of products purchased and the distance to the destination;
  • we offer the help of a professional consultant who will help you choose the most suitable shelving solution for the area of your shop and the specifics of your products. We will provide advice on the most appropriate placement of shelves, so that the shop layout is as comfortable as possible for both buyers and employees and meets all the necessary conditions of the sales area;
  • effective after-sales service and necessary guarantees.
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