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Who we are

Warehouse shelves for households, garages, sheds, as well as storage shelves for company needs, from light construction shelves used for manual handling to double-deck warehouse solutions, pallet and archive shelving systems. Sales, assembly and service of equipment. We work with retail chains, offering them a full service. The team of AR Baltic SIA has more than 10 years of experience in the installation of shop and warehouse equipment. We are currently cooperating with leading industry specialists and major manufacturers. Thanks to our extensive experience and business partners, we can provide the highest quality and the best prices in the shortest terms!

An organised work environment is essential both in the company and for everyone in their own household. Things arranged in a certain order, transparently and conveniently make it much easier to find them and use them for their intended purpose. In this respect, metal shelves are an indispensable assistant in creating an organised storage system. Our offer includes a wide assortment of metal shelves for various needs – households, warehouses, trading companies, manufacturing companies, service providers, workshops, archivists – for everyone who needs to store things in a conveniently structured environment. From a few lightweight shelves in a home garage to multi-level shelving systems in industrial warehouses or production plants, the possibilities of using metal shelves are practically unlimited. Metal shelves are made of high-quality galvanised metal with different sizes and load capacity. Thus, we can provide the most accurate and appropriate solution for the customer's needs.

Metal as a material is recognised as the most suitable in the field of storage due to its technical and operational properties. In addition to high mechanical and load resistance, galvanised metal is resistant to moisture, temperature changes, has excellent wear resistance and is safe for storing food products, medicines and specific products that require a special storage regime. Metal shelves and shelving systems are made both according to standard design and according to the customer's wishes, different design solutions are offered according to the interior of the room. It is especially important for trade companies that the metal shelves fit into the overall concept of the shop. Modern metal shelves also fit well in office spaces – it is a practical, tasteful and economical choice. Metal shelves are ideal for complementing with various shelf accessories, which will help create an even more transparent and structured arrangement of items to be stored. By freely changing the position of the shelves and the height between them, you will get the most suitable storage space also for items of non-standard size. We will offer all the shelving system accessories you need.

Metal shelves provided for households are intended for creating small shelving systems in a garage, basement or any other utility room. They are stable, easily-configurable structures that allow you to place a weight of up to 640kg on one shelf. This type of metal shelves will also be useful for small businesses for placing various small items.

We offer certified shelves for the storage of tires and spare parts for car service centres and car centres.

Our company has more than ten years of experience in equipping warehouses. We offer high load capacity systems for storing pallets weighing up to 14 tonnes. The galvanised metal shelves used for placing pallets provide all the technical parameters necessary for the daily operation of the warehouse. The structures are stable, durable and safe for servicing both manually and with a loader.

For the trade sector, our offer includes convenient transformable metal shelves for the needs of both small shops and large supermarkets. All metal shelves are properly certified and harmless to the environment and safe when in contact with food products.
Specially-designed metal shelves for document storage are used to create movable archive systems. Such a movable structure allows you to save room area and safely store bulky document collections.

We also offer metal shelves for creating spacious storage systems in small areas. For example, for setting up a warehouse on two floors. With mobile shelving structures, you will be able to make the most of the entire space.

We invite you to familiarise yourself with our offer and choose the most suitable storage systems for your needs!