Shelving systems

Different types of metal shelving systems are an excellent solution for efficiently using space for storing various things both in the household and in the company. Simply put, shelving systems will help bring order by providing the opportunity to create a structured and transparent arrangement of items. In this sense, shelving systems are suitable for use in the garage of a private house, utility room, offices, public service institutions, service companies, production, logistics business and other places.

The shelving systems offered by our company are made of galvanised metal and their main advantage is simple structure, easy assembly, capacity, load resistance and favourable price. The shelving systems are mobile, which means they can be quickly dismantled as needed and moved to other locations. Another important advantage is that the shelving systems can be easily configured as needed, which means changing the height and layout of the shelves. In addition, shelving systems can be equipped with accessories that allow you to store goods of different dimensions in a certain order. For example, these are various struts, separators, safety elements for ensuring stability, etc.

Classification by structure:

  • Universal shelving systems – wide range of uses: in households, offices, warehouses, archives, etc.
  • Movable shelving systems – intended for storing documents in archives.
  • Cargo shelving systems – intended for storing cargo on pallets or in packages.
  • Cantilever-type shelving systems – intended for storing long loads (pipes, beams, cables, etc.).
  • Pallet-type shelving systems – intended for storing cargo on pallets, mostly on several levels.
  • Shelving systems for tyres and rims – intended for storing tyres and rims in a vertical position.

Classification by purpose of use:

  • Archive shelving systems – intended for long-term storage of documents in specially arranged rooms.
  • Office shelving systems – intended for storing documents and various small and very small items next to the employee's workplace.
  • Trade and exhibition shelving systems – intended for the needs of retail, exhibitions and marketing activities.
  • Warehouse shelving systems – intended for storing cargoes of different sizes and weights.
  • Household shelving systems – structures that can be used in homes, garages, utility rooms.

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