Assembly/disassembly of shelves

Although shelves are mostly relatively easy to install and can often be installed by yourself, our customers prefer a shelf assembly service. Thus, it is a guarantee that the shelves purchased will be installed appropriately and correctly, as well as saving time. When choosing more complex or specific shelves and their systems, in order to avoid possible problems, it is preferable to entrust the assembly only to professionals.

For the convenience of our customers, we offer the assembly service of the shelves purchased from us, including the disassembly of the shelves that are in the room. This means that all you have to do is choose and place your order – we will take care of the rest. We will deliver, install and prepare for use any type of shelves and their systems, regardless of the volume of the order and the dimensions of the structures. If necessary, we will disassemble the old shelves and ensure the cleaning of the room for the installation of new shelving systems.

We also offer to install shelves that are not purchased from us. If you have purchased any type of shelves, but you do not have specialists to ensure their assembly, we invite you to use our services. Our professional craftsmen will help in the reconstruction and rearrangement of the shop or warehouse space by disassembling previously installed shelving systems, cash desks and other structures. We will take care of disposing the old structures and carry out the necessary preparatory work for the installation of new shelving systems.
Costs are calculated according to the planned scope and specifics of the work. We offer favourable discounts to regular customers.

We invite you to choose shelving systems and their assembly in our online shop!

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