Tyre shelves

Tyre shelves

Tyre shelves are the most suitable solution for car service centres and auto parts shops for placing and storing tyres. It is a safe, stable and convenient tyre storage shelving system that makes loading and unloading tyres as convenient as possible. Tyre shelves are widely used in car centres that provide “tyre hotel” services. In addition, tyre shelves help to significantly save room area and allow tyres to be stored in the most appropriate position – upright side by side instead of stacking tyres on top of one another.

The tyre shelves offered by our company consist of a basic set, i.e. module consisting of two strong steel frames and three separate shelves, the structure of which consists of horizontal supports. The height of each shelf can be changed with a step of 33mm. This means that these tyre shelves are precisely adjustable for any tyre size. The load capacity of each shelf is 240kg – a total of 720kg for one module (with three shelves)..

Tyre shelves are easy to assemble – no screws are required for their assembly, assembly can be done according to the construction kit principle. The shelf modules are interconnected and can be supplemented with shelves as needed. It should be noted that tyre shelves are also useful for storing wheel rims.

The steel material is treated against the effects of harmful environments (moisture, frost, etc.), so all the tyre shelves we offer are suitable for operation in any conditions. Shelves do not require special care. All tyre shelves in the range are properly certified for use in an industrial environment.

Tyre shelves are a popular product in our shop with high demand, so we have developed several offers for the convenience of our customers:

  • depending on the amount of tyre shelves purchased, you have the opportunity to receive a discount from the total purchase amount;
  • you can pick up the purchased product in our shop on the spot, as well as we offer delivery of the products to the address you specified and at the specified time. Delivery costs depend on the quantity of products purchased and the distance to the destination;
  • we offer the help of a professional consultant who will help you choose the most suitable shelving solution exactly for your needs. We will make the necessary calculations and offer several combinations of tyre shelves, which will allow you to arrange the space intended for tyre storage as efficiently as possible.
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