Mobile archive shelves

Mobile archive shelves are necessary in establishments, institutions and private entities, where voluminous storage and archiving of various documents is planned. In particular, mobile archive shelves are important in state and local government institutions, including archives, libraries, museums and other places. Mobile archive shelves offer to create a convenient and handy storage system, ensuring maximum use of the room area – on average 50–70%.

The most important advantage of these shelves is portability – the structure is based on rails, i.e. guides attached to the floor. The shelving system, which is made up of separate rows of shelves, is placed on them. Each such structure is provided with a separate manual drive system with a control handle that moves the mobile archive shelves closer together or away to create a corridor for shelf access and service.

Mobile archive shelves are made of durable metal structure. Their average load capacity is around 80kg per shelf. Mobile archive shelves are intended for indoor use, but depending on the specifics of the documents to be stored, they can also be used in rooms with a certain air temperature and humidity level. The shelves are suitable for storing documents of different sizes in both horizontal and vertical positions. Additional mobile archive shelves can be equipped with various accessories – holders, dividers, supports, pull-out structures, boxes, which will help to improve the classification, structuring and transparency of documents.

Mobile archive shelves are a specific product, so before choosing a shelving system, we invite you to consult with our specialists who will recommend the most suitable solution for your needs. We will make the necessary calculations, offer several shelving system combinations and additional equipment options, so that the storage and archiving of documents is as convenient, safe and appropriate as possible.

In addition, we offer:

  • the greater the volume of archive shelves purchased, the greater the discount off the total price;
  • you can pick up the purchased product in our shop on the spot, we also offer delivery of the products to the address you specified and at the specified time. Delivery costs depend on the quantity of products purchased and the distance to the destination;
  • highly professional after-sales service and warranty service.
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