Pallet shelves

Pallet shelves are the most common and efficient storage method for storing goods of different sizes and weights on pallets. They are ideal for both small warehouses and large logistics centres. Pallet shelves are used for storing large quantities of goods of a wide assortment and fast turnover. Pallet shelves form a universal system that provides unrestricted access to any pallet with goods. Such a system is convenient and also suitable for different types of loaders. In addition, pallet shelves offer a rational and optimised use of room area, which allows you to increase the volume intended for storage and ensures maximum efficient warehouse work. Also, in terms of load capacity, pallet shelves are able to provide the widest range of loads. For example, the SUPER 456 series pallet shelves offered by our company are suitable for storing medium and heavy pallets weighing up to 14 tonnes.

Pallet shelves are mostly a standard solution made up of high-strength steel beams – vertical posts with horizontally fixed beams for placing pallets. All parts of the structure are easy to assemble with freely adjustable height between the shelves. The standard height of one pallet shelve structure is up to 14 metres.

The pallet shelves in our range are intended for all the most popular types of pallets: for EUR pallets with a size of 1.20 x 0.80m and a load capacity of 700kg, FIN pallets with a size of 1.20 x 1.00m and a load capacity of 800kg and industrial pallets with a size of 1.20 x 1.20m and a load capacity of 1000kg.

Pallet shelves are made of high-quality raw materials, and all the parts making up the shelving system are certified according to the specified standards.

Considering that pallet shelves are a highly demanded product, we offer several advantageous solutions for the convenience of our customers:


  • the larger the amount of pallet shelves purchased, the larger the discount from the total price;
  • you can pick up the purchased product in our shop on the spot, we also offer delivery of the products to the address you specified and at the specified time. Delivery costs depend on the quantity of products purchased and the distance to the destination;
  • we offer the help of a professional consultant who will help you choose the most suitable shelving solution for your warehouse needs. We will make the necessary calculations and offer several shelf combinations for maximum efficient work in your warehouse;
  • highly professional after-sales service and warranty service.
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