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Plastic transport boxes allow you to safely and conveniently move and transport various goods. 

Transport boxes are especially widely used in logistics and trade – wherever work involves the delivery of goods.

On our website, we offer transport boxes and containers of different sizes for moving and transporting food and non-food products. The boxes are made of high-quality durable polypropylene (PP), they can be operated at temperatures from -20°С to +45°С, they are easy to clean and wash at temperatures up to +95°С and can be disinfected as needed.

Our advantages:

  • Wide assortment – we offer transport boxes of various sizes and capacities for both households and workplaces, including trade and manufacturing companies, warehouses and service providers;
  • Flexible price policy – thanks to our long-term business partners, we can offer competitive prices, as well as various discounts to our regular customers;
  • Professional, customer-friendly service – our responsive employees will help you choose the most suitable storage solutions and provide all the necessary advice;
  • Fast delivery – we ensure the fastest possible delivery of your purchased products to any place in Latvia.

We offer:

  • Folding transport boxes that are not in use (folded) allow you to save space. These boxes are characterised by a light construction with a robust opening/folding mechanism. Each edge is equipped with an easy-to-grip handle.
  • Connectable transport boxes or containers that can be fastened together as needed. These transport boxes can be equipped with a durable lid, protecting their contents from dirt, moisture and other harmful conditions. Boxes can also be stacked on top of one another during transport without losing stability.

We have – professional advice, pleasant service and fast delivery. See you again!

Folding boxes for transporting goods

code External dimensions, mm Capacity, kg Price excluding VAT
AR317 400 х 300 х 166 13 6,00
AR318 600 х 400 х 180 20 9,30
AR319 600 х 400 x 215 25 9,95
Description for folding boxes
Material: polypropylene (РР) 
Operating temperature: from -20°С to +45°С 
Standard colour:
Volume discount depending on order size