Plastic boxes with lids
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When choosing storage boxes, one of the types is plastic boxes with a lid. Their main advantage is the lid that tightly closes the box. Thus, the contents of the box are not exposed to the environment (dust, moisture, dirt, etc.), they cannot spill out and such a box can be moved safely. It is important that plastic boxes with lids can be placed on top of each other, which allows you to optimise, for example, the area of warehouse shelves.

On our website, we offer plastic boxes of different sizes with a lid for storing food and non-food products.

Our advantages:

  • Wide assortment – we offer plastic boxes of different sizes and capacities (20–50kg) with a lid for both households and workplaces, including manufacturing companies, warehouses and service providers;
  • Flexible price policy – thanks to our long-term business partners, we can offer competitive prices, as well as various discounts to our regular customers;
  • Professional, customer-friendly service – our responsive employees will help you choose the most suitable storage solutions and provide all the necessary advice;
  • Fast delivery – we ensure the fastest possible delivery of your purchased products to any place in Latvia.

How to choose plastic boxes with a lid?

  • Material – both the box and the lid must be made of the same material. We offer excellent quality polypropylene (PP) boxes and their lids. The lids are also easy to clean and disinfect if necessary.
  • Durability – good quality plastic boxes with a lid retain their shape and do not deform when filled with contents. This means that putting on/removing the lid will not be a problem too.
  • Fit of the lid – the lid of the box should fit tightly, it should not be loose. If the box lid has special clips or switches, they should work perfectly. Attention should be paid to plastic parts that may lose their functionality or wear out during frequent use. For example, if the lid is attached to the box with hinges.
  • Ergonomic moving – taking into account that plastic boxes with a lid are also suitable for transportation, it is desirable that the sides of the box have built-in handles for convenient lifting and moving of the box.

We have – professional advice, pleasant service and fast delivery. See you again!

Connectable containers for transporting goods

Code External dimensions, mm capacity, kg Price excluding VAT
AR345 D490 х L330 х H140 20 6,40
AR346 D490 х L300 х H210 20 6,92
AR347 D490 х L330 х H280 30 8,58
AR348 D600 х L400 х H170 30 9,40
AR349 D600 х L400 х H220 30 13,84
AR350 D600 х L400 х H235 30 13,84
AR351 D600 х L400 х H435 50 15,78
AR352 D600 х L400 х H420 35 12,46
AR353 D600 х L400 х H270 30 13,56
AR354 500 x 310   2,10
AR355 500 x 340 2,40
AR357 610 x 400   3,60
Volume discount depending on order size