Plastic boxes
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Plastic boxes are one of the most suitable solutions for storing or transporting various things. It's a great way to organise things both at home and at work. Plastic boxes are an almost mandatory part of work organisation for providers of various services in practically any field, in warehouses, production and elsewhere.

On our website, we offer a wide selection of excellent quality plastic boxes – from small-sized boxes for various small items to plastic containers of different capacities for storing or transporting goods. Depending on the type, suitable for both food and non-food products. Boxes conform to European standardised sizes.

Our advantages:

  • Wide assortment – we offer plastic boxes for both households and workplaces, including manufacturing companies, warehouses and service providers;
  • Flexible price policy – thanks to our long-term business partners, we can offer competitive prices, as well as various discounts to our regular customers;
  • Professional, customer-friendly service – our responsive employees will help you choose the most suitable storage solutions and provide all the necessary advice;
  • Fast delivery – we ensure the fastest possible delivery of your purchased products to any place in Latvia.

Why choose plastic boxes?

  • Durable material – the boxes we offer are made of high-quality polypropylene (PP), which is a high-strength material and retains its operational properties throughout its lifetime. The material does not deform, which is especially important if plastic boxes, for example, are to be stored stacked on top of one another.
  • Light material – even plastic boxes loaded to the brim will be lighter than, for example, metal boxes. This allows them to be easily moved and transported.
  • Hygienic material – plastic boxes are easy to clean, they have a smooth surface that allows you to completely wash off all dirt. If necessary, the boxes can be disinfected and are resistant to the effects of aggressive substances.
  • Suitable for different air temperatures – the plastic boxes in our offer can be safely used at temperatures from -20°С to +45°С. This means that the boxes can be used in rooms with special temperature regimes.
  • Variety of sizes and colours – this option helps to create a structured and transparent storage system for goods of different nomenclature.
  • Ergonomic and practical design – the boxes are handy for moving and transporting, they are supplemented with practical elements (handles, lids, dividers, etc.) that facilitate their everyday use.

Prerequisites for selection:

  • type of goods or products to be stored – this parameter will help to choose the most suitable plastic boxes for the specific group of goods;
  • dimensions and weight of stored products or goods – the geometric dimensions of the box depend on this parameter;
  • planned storage location and conditions – where and under what conditions the boxes will be kept. For example, on shelves, pallets, in an open space or in a closed storage, etc.

We have – professional advice, pleasant service and fast delivery. See you again!