Paper bags
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Nowadays, paper bags have become a popular packaging material with multi-functional possibilities of use.

For many of us, paper bags are a great alternative for shopping, carrying various things and wrapping gifts. The ever-growing demand for paper bags undoubtedly goes hand-in-hand with a friendly attitude towards the environment. They are non-polluting, biodegradable in the environment and recyclable. By the way, the first machine for the production of paper bags was invented in 1852 in the USA.

Paper bags provide the following benefits:

  • convenient, functional and practical packaging material;
  • environmentally-friendly and harmless;
  • recyclable material;
  • can be used for both food and non-food products;
  • diverse design options;
  • wide selection of sizes;
  • depending on the type, intended for a weight of 2–5kg;
  • paper bags are easy to print on, so they can be used as a marketing tool for product or brand promotion;
  • low cost.

Paper bags are made from kraft paper, which is a strong and durable paper, especially suitable for creating packaging. The thickness of the paper is 90–120gsm. Depending on the model, the bags can be either without handles or with twisted or flat paper handles.

We offer a wide assortment of paper bags of different sizes for trade, production, advertising and other needs. All the bags in the assortment can be printed both on a small area and on the entire surface. We offer to buy paper bags both wholesale and retail.

The most popular types of paper bags:

  • Standard – the type that is widely used in the trade. These bags are usually brown or white in colour and the bottom part is reinforced with another layer of paper. These bags do not have handles and are not particularly durable, but they can be recycled.
  • Paper bags for shopping – visually, these bags resemble a simple bag with handles. They are made of durable brown or white kraft paper and the lower part is reinforced with a cardboard insert. Thanks to their durability, these paper bags are reusable. Bags of this type are widely used as marketing materials to promote a product or brand.
  • Gift bags – specially designed paper bags in various sizes and colours for wrapping gifts.