Cardboard boxes
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Cardboard boxes are one of the most popular and convenient types of packaging. They can be used for packing, delivery, transportation and storage of all kinds of goods.

Cardboard boxes are always very useful in every household – they help to maintain order by sorting things and their interesting design even serve as a practical interior element. By the way, children and pets, especially cats, like cardboard boxes very much. Add a little creativity and boxes can become an exciting play element or a cosy hiding place for a pet.

Cardboard is a type of paper that is much thicker, harder and denser than regular paper. Depending on the type of cardboard, it has certain flexibility, resistance to mechanical effects and moisture absorption capacity. The mass of the cardboard is greater than 250g/m², but the thickness of the sheet depends on the specific type of cardboard. Both natural cellulose and recycled paper, i.e. waste paper, as well as a mixture of cellulose and waste paper is used in the production of cardboard.

Advantages of cardboard as a packaging material:

  • Environmentally-friendly and harmless;
  • possible recycling;
  • functional and practical;
  • can be used for both food and non-food products;
  • low cost.

Types of cardboard:

  • Ordinary cardboard – homogeneous material consisting of one layer of cardboard. Boxes intended for packing light, small objects are made from ordinary cardboard. Ordinary cardboard is relatively fragile and easily loses its shape.
  • Corrugated cardboard – multi-layered material, where a layer of corrugated, i.e. wave-shaped cardboard is placed between each layer of cardboard. Cardboard boxes are usually made of three-layer (one corrugated layer between two layers) or five-layer cardboard (two corrugated layers between three layers). Corrugated cardboard boxes are a durable, safe and high-quality solution for packing, storing and transporting various goods.

Corrugated cardboard is divided by sheet thickness into:

  • B profile sheets – corrugated layer wave height 2.7–3mm;
  • C profile sheets – corrugated layer wave height 4–4.5mm;
  • BC profile sheets – corrugated layer wave height 6.5–7.5mm;
  • E profile sheets – corrugated layer wave height 1.5mm (microcorrugated cardboard).

We offer various sizes and types of both regular and corrugated cardboard boxes for a wide range of applications. All cardboard boxes are delivered unfolded, have fold points indicated and are easy to fold. The cardboard boxes we offer comply with the international FEFCO corrugated cardboard packaging classification.

What to know when choosing cardboard boxes:

  • the type, weight, size and most important characteristics of the goods to be packed in the box;
  • intended use of the box – storage, transportation, reusable, etc.;
  • internal dimensions of the box in millimetres: length x width x height plus 5–10mm for reserve;
  • the appearance of the cardboard box, its structure, the desired thickness of the cardboard;
  • the colour of the cardboard box;
  • order size;
  • place of delivery of the order;
  • desired order fulfilment period.

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