Packaging materials
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We come across packaging every day – most of the time we don't think much about it – it just is. We open it, unpack it, tear it open and in most cases throw it in the rubbish. Few of us would imagine that packaging and packaging materials are one of the most important elements in the chain of production, supply and distribution of goods.

It is safe to say that packaging and everything related to it is a diverse and colourful world. It combines technology, scientific achievements and design. Packaging materials are classified by material group: natural fibres, metal, plastic, glass, composite materials. Each of these groups offers a range of individual material types. The top of the most popular and frequently used materials remains the same: paper, cardboard and polyethylene. These materials are also often used in combination with other types, for example, wood, glass, different types of laminates, etc.

Purposes of packaging:

  • protection of goods during storage;
  • protection of goods during transport or movement;
  • safe sale and distribution of goods;
  • practical use both during the use of goods and for economic purposes;
  • packaging materials often serve as an excellent marketing tool to promote a product or brand.

Our offer includes the packaging materials most requested by customers: cardboard boxes, paper bags of various sizes and packaging film.

Our advantages:

  • for high-quality packaging of various types of goods;
  • packaging materials from recycled raw materials;
  • the possibility of purchasing sustainable, environmentally friendly packaging materials;
  • wide selection of sizes;
  • professional and responsive customer service;
  • individual approach to each customer;
  • maximally fast execution of orders;
  • flexible price policy;
  • packaging materials can be purchased both wholesale and retail.

The packaging materials we offer are:

  • simple and easy to use;
  • practical for repeated use;
  • can be used for food and non-food products, bulk and oversized products;
  • can be personalised with different types of design as needed;
  • can be used both in production companies and for manual individual packaging work.