Waste containers
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It is estimated that one person “produces” around 1.1kg of waste per day on average. Taking into account both this fact and how responsible we are towards the environment and how we sort waste, waste containers are an essential element of public utilities in both the private and public sectors. In addition, waste containers are selected according to several important conditions determined by waste management. The durable plastic waste containers we offer are intended for household waste and its sorting for a wide range of customers.

Our advantages:

  • Flexible price policy – thanks to our long-term business partners, we can offer competitive prices, as well as various discounts to our regular customers.
  • Professional, customer-friendly service – our responsive employees will help you choose the most suitable storage solutions and provide all necessary advice.
  • Fast delivery – we ensure the fastest possible delivery of your purchased products to any place in Latvia.

The most important conditions for choosing containers:

  • Expected type of waste – waste containers differ according to what kind of waste they are intended for, for example, household waste, construction waste, food, pharmaceutical products, bulky waste.
  • The amount of accumulated waste (from one removal of the container to the next) – in order to choose the most suitable volume, you need to know how often the container will be removed and how much waste volume will be produced during this time.
  • Location of the container – will the container be in an easily accessible place, will it have a special shed or will it be in a closed enclosure or room.

The plastic waste containers we offer are the most suitable for household waste:

  • High-quality polyethylene (HDPE) is a high-density material with a high degree of resistance to climatic conditions (operable in conditions from -40°С to +50°С) and exposure to various chemicals, an easy-to-clean material that retains its original appearance for a long time.
  • Handy and easy to transport – waste containers of classic design with a lid and two wheels. These waste containers are easy to wash.
  • Five types of volumes are available – 120, 240, 360 litres with two wheels, 660 and 1100 litres waste containers with four wheels.
  • Multiple colours – the offered waste containers are available in yellow, grey, red and blue.
  • Can be used for sorting – thanks to different colours, our waste containers can also be used for sorting household waste, for example separately for glass, paper, plastic. When choosing the sorting option, we recommend equipping the containers with special stickers.

Let us remind you that household waste is:

  • packaging material for both food and non-food products;
  • textile;
  • various types of kitchen waste;
  • paper and paper products;
  • metal products for household use;
  • glass and ceramics.

Waste containers for household use are not intended for:

  • construction waste;
  • liquid waste,
  • environmentally harmful and dangerous waste (electrical products, medicines, batteries, light bulbs, etc.), it shall be handed over to special collection points.

We have – professional advice, pleasant service and fast delivery. See you again!

Waste containers

code dimensions, mm Capacity, litres Price excluding VAT
AR365      D555 x L485 x H935 120 32,00
AR366     D582 х L721 х H1070 240 55,00
AR367     D849 х L597 х H1100 360 112,00
AR368   D1370 x L780 x H1218 660 199,00
AR369 D1377 x L1077 x H1369 1100 254,00
  Material: polyethylene (HDPE)    
Operating temperature: from -40°С to +50°С
Cleaning (washing) temperature: up to +90°С
Volume discount depending on order size